About Xenat-Ra

Monk Metz: words, electronics
Matt Calkins: sax, effects, percussion
Mark France: guitars
Dave Trenkel: keyboards, keyboard bass, laptop, Moog
JD Monroe: drums, turntables, mallets, laptop
Joel Hirsch: percussion, vocals


While many bands claim to be eclectic, Xenat-Ra truly lives it. Based in Corvallis, OR, Xenat-Ra is the result of years of shared musical experiences and a rich sonic vocabulary. Xenat-Ra owes allegiance to no particular genre, borrowing sounds from the fringes of hip hop, jazz, progressive rock, dub, metal and any other style that crosses their path. The sound can be spacious or dense, freely improvised or strictly composed, deeply funky or aggressively atonal, all topped by Monk Metz’ rapid-fire, often surreal, poetry.


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