Recording sessions for the new album!

We tracked our new album in August at Vibe Control Studios in Corvallis, OR! We’re in the middle of tweaking and mixing it, but stay tuned for more info!

Science for the Soundman is now available!

Our new album, Science for the Soundman, is now available! You can get it on deluxe 150-gram double LP, CD, or as a digital download directly from BandCamp:


Making the Record, Part 4: Making Records

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So, by late June 2012, we had the record tracked, mixed and mastered. Now all we had to do was to get copies made, slap some art on ’em, and get them out to the fans.

It’s never that easy, is it?

Test pressing!


Making the Record, Part 3: Mastering

Previous: Part 2: Overdubs and Mixing

By early June, 2012, we’d finally finished mixing the 10 tunes that we decided were essential for the album, 8 original tunes and 2 covers. Everything was sounding as good as I personally felt I could make it sound. It was time to turn it over to a professional.

Mastering is one of the more controversial parts of the recording process. On one hand, there are those who hold mastering engineers as the highest of the high priests of the audio cult, and that we mere mortals are blessed by their magical powers. On the other, virtually anybody with a computer, decent CD burning software and a few plugins can claim to be a mastering engineer. As usual, the truth is somewhere in between.


Making The Record Part 2: Overdubs and Mixing

Previous: Part 1: Tracking

This will probably be the least interesting of this series of posts about the production of our new record. Consider yourself warned…

After the 5 days of tracking at Studio GXM, we were exhausted but happy, we had 12 tunes, with multiple takes of each, and two free-improvised pieces in the can. I moved everything to a portable hard drive, and brought the full session, about 50 GB of audio files, back to my home studio, The Blinky Room. Or, if you’re feeling more of an ECM vibe, Tonstudio Blinky. El Blinkarino, if you’re not into that whole brevity thing.


Making The Record, Part 1: Tracking

It’s taken us more than two years of work to get our new studio album done. This is the first of a series of posts on the making of the record.

By 2010, Xenat-Ra had been gigging and rehearsing for 3 years, and we decided it was really time to document what we do. We’d made several attempts to record live shows, and had mixed results, there was some very good material captured, but we weren’t totally satisfied.

We put the best of the live material together into a CD we called, in a fit extreme obviousness, Live. We made the CD very cheaply, just to get something out and hopefully sell enough copies  to fund producing the studio record. We did a few shows in the spring of 2010 billed as “FUNdraisers”, where we dedicated all of our income from the door and all CD sales to the benefit our recording fund. We were able to raise enough to track the CD, and have a solid foundation for manufacturing the record, thanks to the support of our fans!


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