Xenat-Ra at Calapooia Brewery in Albany on 04/18/15

New Videos!

In January, we played at Calapooia Brewing in Albany, one of our favorite venues, with the new line-up and a bunch of new material. We recorded video and audio, and here are the results!

Page Hundemer joins Xenat-Ra!

We are extremely pleased to welcome bassist/composer Page Hundemer into the Xenat-Ra collective! Page has been a major force on the mid-Valley music scene for years, playing in many of Dave Storrs’ numerous projects, the avant-jazz power trio Walk the Plank with Mark France and Brian Bucolo, and many other groups. Page is a killer player, deep improvisor, and brings a new level of groove to the band. Page, Dave and JD first played together on a free-improv show in 1999. In 2013, Matt, Dave Page and JD formed the jazz-rock quartet Different Feeder. After Mark France left Xenat-Ra in the summer of 2014, Page seemed to be the obvious choice as a new member.  After a bunch of rehearsals and a few gigs, this is proving to be the case!

Page also plays with LMNO, along with Nick Rivard, Rob Birdwell and Brian Bucolo, and Tom Bergeron’s Brasil Band, among others, and teaches bass at Western Oregon University.

You can check out Page’s solo acoustic bass guitar recording Double Stops at his website, http://www.pagehundemer.com/

Xenat-Ra at Luckey’s Club in Eugene on 04/11/15

Xenat-Ra at Calapooia Brewery in Albany on 01/09/15

Xenat-Ra at Calapooia Brewery in Albany on 04/20/13

Xenat-Ra at Luckey’s Club in Eugene on 03/09/13

Xenat-Ra at Calapooia Brewery in Albany on 03/08/13

New Press Reviews for Science for the Soundman!

Some new reviews posted recently:

The great and prolific Nick DeRiso gave us a terrific review on Something Else Reviews:
Xenat-Ra: Science for the Soundman (2012): Something Else Reviews, 01/01/2013
Brilliantly off-kilter, completely unquantifiable, Xenat-Ra is, at any given moment, the best prog/free jazz/hip hop/metal band you’ve never heard of. – Nick DeRiso

Cory Frye included our record in his year-end roundup of local releases for the Corvallis Gazette-Times Entertainer:
The Year in Spin: Entertainer writer tackles 16 of his favorite 2012 releases and coins the first music slogan for 2013: ‘Support your local noise’: Corvallis Gazette Times Entertainer, 12/28/2012
Xenat-Ra, “Science for the Soundman” — The flexible sextet yanks music’s trap door, sending listeners into spaces where everything’s permitted. Spend a few seconds in “Ape With a Synthesizer” and you’ll know it’s true. The track culminates in the freakout of freakouts: Dave Trenkel mashes Hammond, Matt Calkins torches sax, Mark France shaves his fretboard supermodel-thin and drummer J.D. Monroe chops down the planet before calling his team home. Monk Metz voices this sensory assault, his limber poetry tackling dexterous wordplay in this refreshingly weird universe, rife with percussive spice (“Swalo Meh Hole,” abetted by Joel Hirsch on congas and Otto Gygax on shereke), Monroe’s expert turntable sweeps (“Parahelion”), and the ability to heed John Zorn’s request on a “Bezriel” cover: “Play the sh*t out of it” — something you’ll do with “Science of the Soundman,” if you’ve any sense of adventure. – Cory Frye

Veteran music journalist, blogger and reviewer Frank Gutch Jr. caught a show of ours, and wrote an in-depth piece about the experience:
Xenat-Ra: Bombs Away!!! Live in Corvallis: Indie Musicology 11/19/2012
“I started smiling about halfway through the first song (if song it can be called and I say that in the most positive manner possible) and I already knew it was going to be a long night.  Not because the music was bad but because it was so good that my face locked in that smile and my face started to hurt.  It reminds me of the night I saw Tom Waits in this little basement on San Diego State’s campus.  I laughed so hard the first fifteen minutes that I couldn’t really enjoy the rest of the show.  It just hurt too much.  Well, here I was again, face muscles clinched and headache on its way.  Again, not because the music was bad but because it was so goddamned good!

This is not the kind of music I would take home to my mother.  It is intense, riffy, jazz-heavy and prog’d out.  You probably either love nit or hate it.  The people that night loved it, from the headbangers (there were a few) and the body shifters (with different music, they would have been dancers, but how can you dance to music which changes time signatures at the drop of a hat).”
– Frank Gutch Jr.

Wabi Dub 2012

Happy holidays, everybody! Looking back at 2012, it has been one hell of a great year for us, and we wanted to give back a little something. Here’s our new version of a Corvallis classic, a dubbed-out cover of the title track to Admiral Twinkle Devil’s 2001 album. Please feel free to download the tune and pass the links around to anyone who might care to listen. Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2013!

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